Life Groups

Who is the Holy Spirit and what is His role part 3

Working with the Holy Spirit

John 16:7-14

Big Group

1. What was your big take away from the sermon this week?

2. I like how one pastor puts it: “He has always been a God who is close and present but only since Jesus returned to heaven has He taken up residence inside of us. And that makes Him closer than ever.” Do you feel the Holy Spirit as close or distant? Explain.

3. After the last three sermons are you feeling the Holy Spirit now more as a person than a force? Explain.

4. Would you rather have Jesus right next to you or have the Holy Spirit within you? Explain.

5. Have you noticed a difference in your prayer life as you have been praying to the Holy Spirit? Explain.

6. Did you quench or grieve the Holy Spirit this week? Explain.


Small Group

1. How can we help you?

2. Accountability.