Life Groups

Colossians 1:3-8

Paul’s Outpouring of Thankfulness


Big Group

1. What was your big take away from the sermon this past week?

2. The pastor’s message contained 3 Christian virtues- faith, love, and hope. How would you explain each one to a child?

3. Our tendency is to pray for people who are hurting. While that is needed, we should also pray for people who are serving God. Share with the group someone who is serving God that you will thank the Lord for and intercede on his/her behalf. Why do we need to do this?

4. Love is the greatest characteristic and the second greatest command of the Christian faith. Share with the group an example of how you demonstrate love this week or an example of how you missed an opportunity to share love this week.

5. Unconditional love is not reactive but proactive. What does that mean to you? Do you have a current example to share with the group?

6. Has this sermon/discussion helped you to become more aware of loving others the way God desires you to love them? Any examples?

Small Group

How can we pray for you?